JK Contracting Services, Inc.

Gutter Magic Installation Service

How it Works?

GutterMagic works like magic to keep your gutters clean.

With its innovative nose-forward design, GutterMagic fits neatly over your gutters to channel rainwater in while keeping leaves and other debris out.

GutterMagic makes use of surface tension – the same thing that allows water to rise above the rim of a glass. During a storm, the surface tension of the rainwater causes it to follow the contours of GutterMagic into your gutter.

  • Made of tough-wearing aluminum with highly durable Kynar 500® finish – preserves the beauty of your home and protects against tree branches or other objects which can damage gutters.
  • Innovative nose-forward design – channels rainwater in while keeping leaves and other debris out.
  • Smart Clip™ attachment bracket – stronger than competitive products.
  • Anchored through the fascia of the roof – so it doesn’t penetrate the roof shingles.
  • Utilizes Patented G-Force Technology – the exacting angle of the clip guides water into the gutter while keeping out debris.